Lotus 1280

For the 1.3 user that demands performance and qaulity, the Lotus 1280 is the result of many hours of manufacturing experience and the desire to move from components and machinery to developing the ultimate product. To achieve this goal Spec UAV established control over the entire production process, from raw materials to machinery, components and assembly techniques. Thorough consideration and research to create what we like to call “the most carefully thought out FPV antenna in the world”. It's current distance record is 23 miles one way!

Video here --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0iIo95z4tM

The Skew Planar Wheel +

For the 5.8 ghz users, this is the latest antenna displaying construction quality that is a step ahead of current antennas on the market. These antennas are designed to be precise and durable, but at a price point that reflects an understanding of what you may be doing with them…puttin them on a miniquad and drive them into various objects at high speed! This antenna is sold as a set. DVR footage of the Skew Planar Wheel can be found here -->